Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Titanic Animation

Hello and welcome

Today i am going to show you my Titanic animation about how the Titanic sank. This is one of the things that I am proud of making but this was one of the cooled because we went bake in time and looked at the Titanic. I liked doing this because I like to see what happened back then. Now I am going to show you my Titanic animation the only thing you have to do is press the right arrow.


 Thank you for watching my animation blog you later! Bye bye!!

Looking After My Dog


Today I am going to show you Rubble my pet dog.

This is Rubble and he is my pet dog and he is my responsibility. I also like taking him on walks to the park sometimes he is the one that walks me. After we walk back I have to pick him up until we get home. Once I found him with my uncle with sunglasses on like this

He looks really cool. He is always the one to stay at the back well all the others come and jump on the fence at the front. Rubble is a relaxed dog I don't know if he knows how to bite he only knows how to brake. He won't jump on you like any other dog the only thing he wants is food, water and someone rubbing his tummy. Rubble is my favourite dog.

Do you have any dogs?

Monday, July 2, 2018

Aboriginal Artwork

Hello and welcome to my blog

On week 9 and 10 we did some aboriginal inspired artwork of a dream time story about the rainbow serpent snake. People believe that the rainbow serpent made the mountains and rivers by the snake moving around. We painted it on candies with lots and lots of dots and lines we also put some simbles that cave man use to carve into the walls to say something. here is o my artwork that i made it will also tell you about if it went well. i Will blog you later bye bye.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Our trip to the marare

Hello and welcome to my blog post. Hay Park School went to Lynn field college and we did some dances and singing. It was really fun we also got to do a dance with a stick but i forgot what it was called. Once we got back we got to write about it. I hope you enjoyed my writing i will blog you later Bye Bye!!!

the rainbow serpent snake

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today in room 6 we did some art about the rainbow serpent snake. About how it made mountains and rivers hope you enjoy my art.

Thank you for looking at my work blog you later bye!

Friday, May 25, 2018


Hello Bloggers today we were learning about perimeter. Also we did some slides and a quiz.


In room 6 we have been learning about perimeter. We did some slides and a quiz. Perimeter is when you are measuring the distance of a 2D shape. Inside my slides there is more about perimeter.

When we did perimeter at first it was really hard. But then I learnt about it a bit more and now I know what it is

Blog ya later

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Have a go day!

Last Friday we had have a go day but it was only for the year 2 and 3. It was lots of fun because there was lots of different sports like soccer, riper rugby, soft ball, cricket and gymnastics. The first one we did was soccer I really liked soccer because I play it so it wasn't  to hard for me. After that we did riper rugby I didn't really know how to play because. I didn't know the rules so it was a bit hard but I had fun. When that was over we did gymnastics I really liked this one mostly because it has a very long trampling that was really bouncy.   The only this was that it was very tiring after all of that I could not feel my legs. After that it was time to go to soft ball the bat was a bit heavy because it had to hit the ball really far. When that was finished we had prize giving someone in our group got a prize it was a t-shirt after that we walked back to school. When we got back to school we relaxed. See you next time Bye!